• Sal Romano
    A Floating Sculptor


Sal has been exhibiting his sculptures widely since the latter half of the 1950's. He believes that his calling to sculpture started when he was a child. Looking back, he remembers vividly how the cellar to his childhood home would be flooded and how the things his family owned would float down there.

Water in his work was a fluid material, serving both as a balancing element and as a field. He worked with a series of large modules in some sculptures, and with many, many small elements (match sticks,styrofoam rods) in others. The pieces brought together ideas of unity within disunity, as well as the idea of shifting change within a limited area.

For a long time, it was plastic, wood, water, stone, metals, and now more metals; copper and brass. Sal always begin a work or the process of a work by getting inside it.

His present process is a reunification of fragments which had been seraps or odd shapes of brass and copper. These are soldered together, allowing variable sizes of open spaces, which are eventually resolved in different minimal forms.

The theme in his work remains to be of complexity and contradiction. His sculpture embodies the idea of change, of fluidity of motion on the one hand, and of minimal forms pushed to their essence, in some instances made transparent, in others impermeable bulk, but in every case serving as vehicles of movement and reflection.


  • Aerated Rectangle
    Aerated Rectangle