• Mar 28, 2012

    Forever 22

    by Sonia Lessuck

    Arnold Weschler as portrayed by Sonia

    Arnold Wechsler as portrayed by Sonia on iPad Brushes.

    “Maybe when you’re 22 you’ll understand. #liberalartsgirl,” tweets popular twitter
    meme @LiberalArtsGirl.

    The twitter began as a joke but has become an Internet voice for an enclave of arts
    students grappling with feelings of grandeur and simultaneous hopelessness.

    With graduating classes growing in size and jobs dwindling, our generation has
    embraced the art of self-branding. New social media platforms like Facebook,
    Twitter, Tumblr, and Flavors.me make it easier than ever to feel like the next

    A recent graduate of a liberal arts school in Los Angeles, I returned home to my
    parent’s house in Prospect Heights eager to avoid the nausea of a post-grad year. On
    May 17th, my first night home, I proclaimed loudly that by the end of June I would
    have a job and an apartment of mine own.

    I did just that. I found myself a position as gallery coordinator at gallery 307 and
    an apartment in Crown Heights, Brooklyn with 3 roommates. Perhaps it’s a C grade
    version of working at Gagosian and owning a Tribeca Loft, but my life nonetheless.

    gallery 307 is a program of The Carter Burden Center for the Aging with a mission
    to give a voice and wall to New York City’s reemerging artists, namely artists over
    the age of 60. This is how we came to work with The Grand Assembly.

    When I was asked to write a post for the blog I considered many angles. What I
    came to was the notion of life moments. As I struggle to find my ground and voice
    as a new artist, I have found myself in a world with artists 60 years my elder but in
    similar situations.

    Yes, their struggles are flowered with better stories, more experiences, and more
    wisdom but when you boil it down we’re all just trying to adapt, learn, and create

    So perhaps, in a way, the beauty of being an artist and telling your stories is you’re
    forever a 22-year-old Liberal Arts Girl.

    More about me here: http://www.flavors.me/SoniaJLessuck.

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