• Mar 19, 2012

    Thank You.

    by Lillian Lee

    One hundred ninety or so currencies exchanged hands. The youngest participant was 5 years old and ranging up to those in their eighties. The Grand Assembly successfully brought together a multi-generational group of creatives and an audience of friends, families, and supporters who appreciated works of art. Two pieces sold the same night. It was a full house and everyone got a chance to learn more about each other’s currencies in life. We would like to thank both the inaugural community of creatives who made the new work and generated conversation for the night, and to those who swung by to say hello.

    [    ] IS MY CURRENCY will run till the end of this month and will close on Friday, March 30. Please take this opportunity to visit gallery 307 and continue to contribute to our wall of currencies by leaving behind yours while taking one of the artists. If you are not based in New York City, please continue to submit your currencies to us via the Events page on our site. We plan on archiving the show online in the near future.

    So keep smiling and talking to strangers because only through conversations within a community can creativity continue to thrive.