• Elizabeth Harington
    Musical Printmaker


Born of British parents in South Africa, Elizabeth has worked as an artist, teacher and printmaker most of her life.

Her grandmother brought up her eldest sister and her with the love for all the arts. After going through a failed marriage, she heeded her late grandmother's words: "What are you going to do about your Art?" So she returned to Witwatersrand University to complete a degree in Fine Arts. Elizabeth eventually relocated with her second husband to the United States in 1978 and studied printmaking. Later she returned to South Africa with an etching press and started the first printmaking classes in South Africa.

Elizabeth started on projects that would have music as her creative link to the arts. It was contemplative and etching became the medium for all her works, which in the end was really reached and illuminated by Bach's creative art form – Bachs Music.

She was in love with music at an early age and saw time as being visual. It was about movement in space in relationships – creating space so she can see a relationship beyond all forms. As Elizabeth has pointed out, she cannot stop thinking creatively. She believes that everyone is part of a whole.

Her printmaking work has been exhibited widely in the United States as well as abroad. Elizabeth is also a recipient of many awards including a Gottlieb Foundation Grant in 1992 and in 1991 and a Pollock-Krasner Award in 1995.


  • Three Part Inventions #2
    Three Part Inventions #2